Senin, 19 Maret 2012

kim handoko park and lee hongki

hello every one!! how R U , now I'll post about my idol and me.
if hear LEE HONGKI . first think on my mind is a very good vocal and bautifull smile. thats always like that.
and to hear him sing it's.... mmmm..?? very. very.. (i think i can say anythink) his voice is too great, and all his song is so deep..

one day Im very much hope i can meet him and talk slow..frolic,smile together,laugh together , be sad together, and get friendship with him.. i hope so . I always pray to GOD about it. I love him as my brother,

 I don't know how i can feel like that. but im so happy even i see him. and  I always got a dream about him. one day in his birthday im forget, but in the nigt i dream that mny gift come and someone sing a song "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU"  i don't know why thats can be happend, we as has a real bond.
lee hongki and kim handoko park 
some people said we are look a like.. wahh so graet to hear that..
lee hongki and kim handoko park 
i  try to copy hair style but i can :3
kim handoko park and lee hongki 
my lovely brother

Minggu, 18 Maret 2012

kim handoko park

kim handoko park
first post i'll post about newbie ulzzang his name is kim handoko park , he live in indonesia malang city.he was born in 12 may 1996 , his favorit artist is lee hongki,favorite color is blue, so this is some pitcure of him.. check this out
before go to school

in the moening before bath, ahahah lol